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The dental examination or 'check-up' is a very important visit.  It gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your mouth and allows your dentist to identify problems early, thereby preventing pain and unnecessary treatment.

Our aim @HFDP is to keep you healthy!


What we check


1. Medical History - your safety is important.  Somethings may appear unrelated to dentistry but please tell us everything.  An example, a person who is allergic to kiwi could be allergic to latex.

We are however a latex free practice.


2. Existing problems - you know your mouth.  Please tell us what has occured over the recent weeks.


3. Soft tissues - your dentist will methodically assess the soft parts of your mouth to look for signs of disease including oral cancer.  You will be informed if your risk is increased or normal.


4. Teeth - your dentist will look at your teeth for signs of wear and tear, decay and the quality of existing restorations.


5. Gums - your dentist will use a blunt probe to assess the health of your gums and discuss with you any problems they find.


6. Dentures - should you be wearing a denture, your dentist will check them for their fit and retention.  It is important to change a denture when it is worn out so that the muscles of your mouth do not change and adapt to a poor denture.


7. TMJ - jaw joint - your dentist will assess your joint as a new patient and also if they suspect a problem to be present.


8. Neck Glands - your dentist will check your neck for swellings should they suspect a problem.


9. X-rays - It may be necssary to take some X-rays. We follow Faculty of General Dental Practise guidlines with regards to the frequency of X-rays, using modern digital equipment, which keeps the radiation dose to a minimum.  All the dentists and hygienists stay up to date with IRR and IRMER regulations.  We have a specially trained nurse responsible for radiation protection.


10. Diagnosis and treatment plan - When we have all the necessary information we will discuss any treatment needs and give you a written treatment plan with clear information on costs.

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