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Stages to high quality long lasting SMILES

get healthy, obsession with cleaning

get straight teeth with braces

get white teeth 

if the teeth shape is still a concern a process of recording models, testing the new look in wax and the acrylic 'provisionals'


life long protection with night guards and regular hygienist visits

We do not want to say too much about cosmetic dentistry.  We believe it should only be done when your mouth is very healthy.  It should also be done when you have a trusted relationship with your dentist.  We do not want to attract you if you are looking for a quick fix.


If you would like cosmetic dentistry we recommend booking a new patient exam and progressing from there.


the essential steps are

  • ​excellent oral hygiene

  • excellent oral health

  • consider tooth whitening first

  • consider tooth straightening

  • only then consider cutting away tooth surface to replace with porcelain

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