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Is your mouth healthy?  Just because it does not cause pain does not automatically mean it is!

Regular prevention at home is essential, as is a routine dental examination.  

Here are some simple tips to maintain a healthy mouth.


  • brush twice a day - we always say this - that's because it's so important

  • brush for 2 minutes - any less and you are likely to miss some places

  • brush your teeth AND your gums - plaque hides in hard to reach areas

  • dont scrub when you brush - consider using a rotating power brush

  • clean between your teeth - floss or tepe brushes are ideal

  • avoid sugar and acid containing foods and drinks between meals

  • try to avoid snacking - 3 meals and 2 snacks a day are enough

  • stop smoking - a major risk of oral cancer

  • reduce alcohol to recommended levels 14 units for women and men each week

  • smoking and drinking together increase oral cancer risk more

  • eat a varied diet rich in different coloured fruit and veg- helps with cancer prevention

  • the HPV virus is implicated in throat cancer - it is transmitted through sexual contact

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