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Nobody likes having fillings but we all like sugary snacks.  When we forget to brush our teeth plaque builds up between our teeth and also in the pits and grooves on the surfaces.

Everytime we eat food containing sugar we feed the bacteria living in plaque, the sugar gets changed into acid which dissolves into the tooth.


Interestingly we dont get a hole or cavity straight away because the inside dentine dissolves first through the outer enamel.  


Changing habits at this stage STOPS cavities forming.


improving brushing, cutting back on sugar, using tooth mousse and fluoride toothpaste will all help reverse the problem - no filling!!!


However, there's always a but, if a hole or cavity does form then you will need a filling. We practice minimal intervention dentistry at HFDP so if caught early we can use advanced restorative materials and you wont even need an injection.

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