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A crown or 'cap' is a custom made dental device made specifically for your tooth.  There are several reasons why a crown may be necessary and many types to choose from, click on the images to find out more.


Reasons to crown a tooth

  • strengthen broken teeth

  • improve shape - biting function

  • improve colour - whiter smile

  • improve position - straighten crooked teeth

  • repair fractured teeth

  • following root canal therapy


The choice of treatment is ultimately down to you, but of course your dentist will guide in this decision and the information contained in the site is designed to make the choice easier.






  • superior aesthetics

  • look like real teeth

  • there is no metal edge

  • may require excessive tooth reduction

  • robust and long lasting

  • cheaper than other crowns

  • crown can be prone to chipping or fracure

  • the obvious grey line at the base may be unappealing 

  • great strength

  • less tooth reduction

  • superior fit

  • superior longivity

  • the look of this crown may be unappealing to some

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