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TOOTH MOUSSE is a truely amazing product.  A protein derived from milk is used to bind Calcium and Phosphate, the building blocks of teeth.  The molecules can soak into the tooth and reverse the tooth decay process.  It also nuetralises acids which cause acid erosion.


TOOTH MOUSSE is also excellent for use during orthodontic treatment after tooth whitening and hygiene cleaning to prevent sensitive teeth.


For patients who suffer with a dry mouth, TOOTH MOUSSE helps to increase comfort and importantly replace some of the roles of the missing saliva.  Thus preventing disease.

The circle opposite highlights early tooth decay on an X-ray.

A traditional dentist would place a silver amalgam filling here.

At HFDP we believe in minimal intervention a filling is avoidable, with excellent oral hygiene and diet control - AND using TOOTH MOUSSE correctly - a filling can be avoided.

If a filling becomes necessary we only use white, tooth coloured materials.

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